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The legendary crooner Tony Bennett is no stranger to the stars - he's sung with Barbara Streisand, Paul McCartney and Aretha Franklin.

But there was one performer who so inspired him, that he went backstage to meet her after a concert to line up his next collaboration. That performer was the one and only Lady Gaga. They spoke to BBC Breakfast about their new collaboration.


While in Amsterdam, Gaga spoke with The Times' Craig McLean to talk about being a female in the pop world. Check it out!

As her tour reaches Britain, the superstar reveals how marijuana and domineering men affected her career.

Lady Gaga is in Amsterdam, the latest pitstop on ArtRave: The Artpop Ball, this perennially ambitious pop star’s latest grandiloquent take on the arena concert. A year ago, arriving in the party capital of Holland would have had greater significance for the 28-year-old who, in one of her typically forthright confessions, admitted there was a period when she was smoking 15 joints a day. It was, she explained, a way of helping overcome her pain and distress after undergoing the hip surgery that confined her to a wheelchair and necessitated the cancellation of the remainder of her last megatour, 2012’s Born This Way Ball.

“I’m not in any way regretful [about] being honest about how much I was smoking during that time, because everybody goes through tough times,” she tells me from her hotel room, in a low, lightly-New York-accented voice. “And I also didn’t know that I was injured for a while. I just felt a lot of body pain, so this was my coping mechanism to get through it.

“And now that I’m healed, I don’t smoke all the time any more. And I’m very proud to say that today I’m more sober than I’ve ever been. I had a little puff the other day — nothing — just to have a nice massage in the afternoon. I can have it now and not need it, which is nice, but to be honest I don’t need it at all.”

The world tour, which reaches the UK tonight, kicked off in Florida in May, six months after the release of 2013’s Artpop, the album that placed the 5ft 1in New Yorker, born Stefani Germanotta, alongside Avril Lavigne and Susan Boyle in the small pantheon of female performers who have topped the British charts with all of their first three studio albums. She says that professionally she has been through the ringer during that time, but she currently finds herself in a good place, thanks to her ongoing relationship with the actor Taylor Kinney, the support of her mentor, the 88-year-old singer Tony Bennett, and mindfulness. Check out the rest!