Lady Gaga Unveils Roseland Ballroom Residency Poster

Lady Gaga fans in New York got a surprise on Tuesday, when posters in several different areas of the city appeared featuring a pre-Fame era Gaga to advertise her upcoming -- and sold out -- 7 date residency to celebrate the Roseland Ballroom before the doors close forever. Gaga took to after rehearsing for the stint, to unveil the poster in its hi-res form. The photo is a famous one amongst hardcore fans. Taken in August 2008, before Gaga had a proper hit to her name, a freelance photographer by the name of Geordie Wood spotted Gaga walking down the street and asked her for a photo to use in the street style section of a popular fashion website. Check out the photographer's full story below:

One fine day in August 2008 I was shooting street style for in the Meatpacking District. My editor and I were trolling for stylish folks when we happened upon the young woman posing above. When we approached her she was shopping with her mom but took a moment to pose for a photo. After taking three frames I asked for her info and in a very serious tone she responded, I am Lady Gaga - a singer/songwriter. It took all my energy to not break into hysterics, needless to say I let out a laugh later that day.

Sure enough it only took a couple months until she started popping up everywhere. After recounting this story recently to a friend I decided to dig up the photos. It seems that I caught her in the early stages of transformation into the cyborg we know and love today.

Lady Gaga's first Roseland Ballroom residency begins on March 28th!

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Lady Gaga Reveals artRave- The ARTPOP Ball Stage Design

Lady Gaga has asked fans to trend #LadyGagaTourStage before finally revealing the official design as promised on! The stage was designed by the Haus of Gaga in collaboration with Roy Bennett. Check it out below!

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Lady Gaga details how she went bankrupt in the upcoming EPIX documentary, Who the F***k is Arthur Fogel?. The full documentary airs on March 19th, but here is an exclusive clip in which Gaga explains how she planned to get Fogel's attention by putting all her money into her 2010 Monster Ball tour. "He's really responsible for breaking one of the first artists to come out of the digital age," says Gaga, who only had $3 Million dollars to her name at the time.

Who the F**k is Arthur Fogel? premieres March 19 on EPIX.

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Lady Gaga Teases New Video to Be Released on March 22

Lady Gaga posted a new image from an upcoming video, which will be released on Saturday, March 22nd! The photo shows a group of men in suits arguing as a body lies in a hole burned into the ground. Gaga confirmed the new video during her SXSW keynote with John Norris on Friday morning, saying that she shot it at Hearst Castle in California. Check out the full clip below!

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While most of us were streaming Gaga's incredible set at the Doritos #Boldstage, Lady Gaga's pre-taped appearance for Jimmy Kimmel Live was being aired! Check out the full interview. Check out the rest!

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